Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What My Kid Wore..

My Lovely child is already a fashionistia {Yikes} and pretty much demands, to have her photo taken.  So I figured it what be fun to do some regular {maybe} posts of her daily outfits.  She does tend to dress her self, She has more style than I do.   Go Figure.  

 I mean don't all five year old's dictate what you buy for them?  No just mine?  Ok.  

Not that I mind really its actually adorable, and refreshing that she already has such a sure sense of who she is and what she likes. 

         Outfit deets//  Scarf:: House Of Mia// Shirt:: Hello Apparel// Jean Jacket:: Gap// Pants:: H&M

Ps she is not prompted to do these poses at all.  She does them all on her own.  Shes such a trip that one :) 

Happy Hump Day

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