Friday, February 21, 2014

A Random Post

Currently, I'm having an afternoon cup a Joe, while debating if I should do laundry/ bake/ or vacuum.  None of which seam all that appealing.  I mean really, I just want to watch Bates Motel on Netflix.  Eh the life of a Momma.  Any way, this week was kinda crazy/good, and after last week in which my darling psycho sweet child Kylie had more epic tantrums, meltdowns, and sassy talk than I would like to admit, it was much welcomed. 

Lets talk for a second about the madness that is mother nature OK?  OK, firstly it just snowed like five days ago, and today it was no lie 58 degrees, pouring rain and thundering.  Thundering, wait what season are we in?   Then my husband says its going to snow, SNOW again.  Oh okay.  I'll just roll with the punches I guess, while every child shows signs of extreme cabin fever, but hey I could wish for spring and it may still snow.  To this I say Whatev's Mother Nature Whatev's.   

Any way, this week after much, much anticipation, and drooling, I finally got my upgrade, and have been obsessed ever since the Sale's person at Verizon placed my shiny new iPhone 5s in my hands.  I mean the forward facing camera guys...  {mind is blown. }  See also, it actually works!  My 4s stopped working correctly months ago, and I cant tell you how good it feels to actually be getting messages, and voice mails, and not having my phone lock me out for an entire day because its frozen. So yay!! 

The hubs, who is crazy awesome, bought an ABSURD , ridiculous new TV since ours literally blew a fuse on Tuesday night.  I hate love this new TV especially since it was so large we had to rearrange our entire bedroom.  I dont care how Smart it is, its enormous.  

Alexia has been extra sweet recently, and is really coming into her own, and the bond growing between Kylie and her, ugh insert heart eyes.  Watching them play together with out fighting seriously makes this Momma Swoon.  For the last two weeks, while its been so cold, and just plain unpleasant outside, a tradition started.  Every afternoon, while waiting for Kylie's bus {inside}  Alexia waits with us, and when the bus pulls up gives Kylie a hug and says "Bye Bye sissy have a good day at school"  Heart melting.  Its really nice to just reflect on all the joyous moments through out a long day.  honestly everyday this is one of my favorite parts.  Watching your kids love each other is so amazing, being a mom is pretty awesome. 

Really this was the most random post ever, so heres some random photos!  :) 

Alexia/Bus stop hangs/kisses!/ Kylie being a teenager/ Kylie selfie/ Me 

Happy weekend all

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