Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sup 2015

Okay I know its February but lets pretend that's acceptable or else this post is well.... late as hell. 
In short I've been busy with you know those small humans that call me Mom, and also some changes coming our way in 2015.  I want to say I will stop abandoning my blog but well you know how that goes.  But hey if you did happen to stick around Thanks I appreciate it. I will however stop my self from bidding goodbye to 2014 because well that would be inappropriate seeing as how its February. 
However I will do this.... 

(See ya 2014)

I figured what better way to start a new blog opening then with a currently post.  So here goes.  

Currently the temp outside has been less than my age people, I just cant.  Where is spring?  I'm tired of not feeling my frigging toes.  We've been ridiculously obsessed with being out in said cold weather.  I mean snow is like catnip for kids right?  The girls have already forgotten all about their Christmas gifts and have moved on, sans a "magic guitar" that's actually a Hello Kitty ban jo that they fight over every. single. day.  Oh and the tablets my parents gifted them with which in case your wondering has been a life saver with all this inclement weather. Kylie is officially blowing my mind with her early reading skills and Alexia is back to protesting any use of the potty.  Oh and Alexia turned THREE back in December. Its unreal to me how big my girls are getting. 

Well that's all I got guys my adorable toddler is demanding my attention.  Maybe one day in the sorta near future I will write a post with more substance.  Now here are some photos, but if you follow me on instagram, well you've seen em.  

Ps it's supposed to snow today and pretty much forever all weekend.  Awesome Happy Thursday!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

8 AM With Kylie the Wonderful

Getting used to this new fall schedule has been surprisingly easy but very different.  Kylie is gone from around 8-4 every day and man oh man do I miss that little spit fire.

Her bus is supposed to come at 8 AM every morning but it actually comes at various times something between 8:06 or my personal favorite 8:26 exactly ten minutes before school starts.  Nice.  So we spend this unknown time waiting for the bus running, yelling at the recycling guys and laughing.  I never thought so early in the morning could be so not terrible.  Because lets be honest here I am not a morning person but I find my self really enjoying these times.

See also the conversations had at said bus stop hangs.

Kylie:  Why do they call it concrete?  I mean why not call it brown top? Like Black top?  That would be better.  

Me: I don't know Kylie...

Kylie: Well I do.  I am after all in Kindergarten.

Kylie:  Mommy why are you in your Pajamas?  Its kinda embarrassing. 

All the while Alexia exclaims "I go to SCHOOL!"  long after the buses departure.  And no matter how many times I try to explain that potty is essential for her to go, she just keeps saying the same thing over and over again.  "No I go to school NOW!" 

Kylie has taken to saying "You know what I'm sayin?"  ALL the TIME.

Kylie:  I just figured if I didn't touch anything yucky why wash my hands you know what I'm sayin?


Kylie:  Don't pack me peanut butter sandwiches any more because than I have to sit with the boys at the peanut butter table and they eat like animals, you know what I'm sayin mommy? 

Me:  Um...... you dont like anything but peanut butter or ham sandwiches. 

Kylie:  I know that's gonna be a problem if you know what I'm sayin.

Overall I find these early crisp fall mornings to be pretty enjoyable.  Well for the most part.  Aside from the hours between 6 -8am where I feel like a drill Sargent you know what I'm sayin?  (see what I did there?) IE Kylie eat your breakfast, Kylie get dressed.  No Kylie that's on backwards. Kylie brush your teeth.  KYLIE What are you doing?  We have a bus to catch.  Ah you get the idea. 

TGIF?  No really the hubs has off tomorrow and were going to a wedding sans children.  I don't even care that its supposed to be torrential down pour and cold and the whole wedding is out doors.  I get to spend more then a two hours alone with my husband.  Plus alcohol.  Yep TGIF

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