Friday, September 12, 2014

8 AM With Kylie the Wonderful

Getting used to this new fall schedule has been surprisingly easy but very different.  Kylie is gone from around 8-4 every day and man oh man do I miss that little spit fire.

Her bus is supposed to come at 8 AM every morning but it actually comes at various times something between 8:06 or my personal favorite 8:26 exactly ten minutes before school starts.  Nice.  So we spend this unknown time waiting for the bus running, yelling at the recycling guys and laughing.  I never thought so early in the morning could be so not terrible.  Because lets be honest here I am not a morning person but I find my self really enjoying these times.

See also the conversations had at said bus stop hangs.

Kylie:  Why do they call it concrete?  I mean why not call it brown top? Like Black top?  That would be better.  

Me: I don't know Kylie...

Kylie: Well I do.  I am after all in Kindergarten.

Kylie:  Mommy why are you in your Pajamas?  Its kinda embarrassing. 

All the while Alexia exclaims "I go to SCHOOL!"  long after the buses departure.  And no matter how many times I try to explain that potty is essential for her to go, she just keeps saying the same thing over and over again.  "No I go to school NOW!" 

Kylie has taken to saying "You know what I'm sayin?"  ALL the TIME.

Kylie:  I just figured if I didn't touch anything yucky why wash my hands you know what I'm sayin?


Kylie:  Don't pack me peanut butter sandwiches any more because than I have to sit with the boys at the peanut butter table and they eat like animals, you know what I'm sayin mommy? 

Me:  Um...... you dont like anything but peanut butter or ham sandwiches. 

Kylie:  I know that's gonna be a problem if you know what I'm sayin.

Overall I find these early crisp fall mornings to be pretty enjoyable.  Well for the most part.  Aside from the hours between 6 -8am where I feel like a drill Sargent you know what I'm sayin?  (see what I did there?) IE Kylie eat your breakfast, Kylie get dressed.  No Kylie that's on backwards. Kylie brush your teeth.  KYLIE What are you doing?  We have a bus to catch.  Ah you get the idea. 

TGIF?  No really the hubs has off tomorrow and were going to a wedding sans children.  I don't even care that its supposed to be torrential down pour and cold and the whole wedding is out doors.  I get to spend more then a two hours alone with my husband.  Plus alcohol.  Yep TGIF

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  1. Hahaha, I love your bus stop convos!!

    Holy crap - alone time with hubs AND alcohol? That sounds like heaven... you know what I'm sayin??? ;)


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