Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sup 2015

Okay I know its February but lets pretend that's acceptable or else this post is well.... late as hell. 
In short I've been busy with you know those small humans that call me Mom, and also some changes coming our way in 2015.  I want to say I will stop abandoning my blog but well you know how that goes.  But hey if you did happen to stick around Thanks I appreciate it. I will however stop my self from bidding goodbye to 2014 because well that would be inappropriate seeing as how its February. 
However I will do this.... 

(See ya 2014)

I figured what better way to start a new blog opening then with a currently post.  So here goes.  

Currently the temp outside has been less than my age people, I just cant.  Where is spring?  I'm tired of not feeling my frigging toes.  We've been ridiculously obsessed with being out in said cold weather.  I mean snow is like catnip for kids right?  The girls have already forgotten all about their Christmas gifts and have moved on, sans a "magic guitar" that's actually a Hello Kitty ban jo that they fight over every. single. day.  Oh and the tablets my parents gifted them with which in case your wondering has been a life saver with all this inclement weather. Kylie is officially blowing my mind with her early reading skills and Alexia is back to protesting any use of the potty.  Oh and Alexia turned THREE back in December. Its unreal to me how big my girls are getting. 

Well that's all I got guys my adorable toddler is demanding my attention.  Maybe one day in the sorta near future I will write a post with more substance.  Now here are some photos, but if you follow me on instagram, well you've seen em.  

Ps it's supposed to snow today and pretty much forever all weekend.  Awesome Happy Thursday!

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  1. You always have the best photos, Tori! :) And P.S. That mug is amazing. :) Glad to see you post!

  2. Thanks so much Mia! I've been enjoying reading your posts as well girl! :)


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