Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Little Moments

Lately we've been slowing down, and taking every opportunity in the break of cold weather, to go exploring and have little adventures.  This year I'm trying harder to be more adventurous, doing more by myself with the girls, and trying not to be so anxious all the time.  Its really hard for me to step outside my comfort zone, but the bigger the girls get the more they need to go out and explore. 

And Alexia has really taken to holding hands every chance she gets, heart eyes forever.  See also tiny top knots, and chocolate kisses.  

Kylie got the fisher price camera from my MIL, and well shes been obsessed ever since, taking pictures of everything and anything!  So not only am I documenting our daily adventures but she is too, and seeing things through her eyes, is pretty amazing!

Happy Tuesday friends!

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