Friday, February 7, 2014

This is Real Life man..

I wanted to take a minute and say, my real life is not glamorous.  I feel like there is so much out there, blogs, instagrams, magazines, with all these blissfully perfect mommy moments, and glimpses into their "perfect lives"  and usually, how I feel is, man that's Unrealistic.  At least for me it is.  I mean, on a daily bases, I'm in charge of three kids, i.e.  two, two year old's, and a five year old.  I suppose it is possible that, those blissfully perfect moments are real for them, and that's great and all, but I felt the need to take a moment and just be honest, and real, for all those akin momma's out there, that know its not all roses, and sunshine. 

On a daily basis my life consists of, wake up, take five minutes to dress, perform self maintenance, before, the all ensuing chaos. Which goes as follows: 

*Make a meal

*Clean Up a meal

* Rush to be ready for all activities/school/therapies

* Break up this fight, or that one


* Must drink more coffee

*Deal with this tiny humans bodily fluids

*Make a Meal 

* Clean up a meal

*You pooped again??? 

* Clean something/ everything 

* Clean Laundry whats that?? 

*Make a meal 

*Clean up a meal 

*Why cant the coffee make its self?? 

*Its bed time really???

Donty get me wrong, I do experience these "Blissful Mommy moments"  and when they do occur its joyous and all consuming, and in those moments, I know being a Mommy is what I was meant to do.  However, what my point is?  I feel like no one wants to see the "real stuff".  Simply the fluff and blissfulness, which is nice, but why can we incorporate a little bit more of the "real stuff" once in a while.  No one's life is perfect, I know mine isn't, its hard.  Like, I try not to cry, or rip out my hair hard.  Just taking it one day at a time, and hoping, just hoping, those amazing tiny humans turn out okay, because I love them, more than anything.  Hoping that today, I'll get to drink my coffee, while simultaneously reading something with adult substance, while also enjoying tea time with my girls, and heck maybe even a shower, or being able to hear my husband over all the noise.   Or those rare moments where my five year old lets me not just brush her hair but lets me style it, plus kisses, and hugs, maybe even from the husband too.  That's whats real for me. 

Oh and of course some photos, cause what post is complete with out them?  

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