Sunday, January 26, 2014

I think Im Back..

Oh hi,

  I'm alive, sorta.   Im not really sure how its January, and I haven't blogged since October 22.  It was unintentional.   My life is crazy right now, and though I may want to share, I don't think I can.  Its a personal family matter, and well Im not sure other parties would want me telling my blogging space their business.  But I will say this, Life is complex at the moment, and our normal day to day life has changed.  For a while I tried to write, I would sit down, but nothing came out.  Its so hard to not write about whats really effecting you, you know?  Not wanting to stir the pot anymore than it is.  Let alone make it boil.  But I digress.  

Short version, My girls are good, and the hubs and I are hanging in there.  The Holidays came and went, Alexia turned two (what??) and I may have temporary custody of my nephew Lucius.  (hes 2 1/2 we love him)  

But here's hoping to make blogging part of my life again, like for real, because I'm not sure I'm ready to let it go. 

Its winter, and so, so cold, like I'm freezing until I finally end up in my bed at night, covered with a gazillion blankets.  Were lucky enough to be living were the "Polar Vortex"  is living.  So much fun, when you wake up and its -12.  So needless to say, there's lots of being snowed in, cold germs, sweaters, and wool socks, whining, and cabin fever.  However we have been having dance parties, and Alexia insists on watching Toy Story every. single. day.  My saving grace has been the iPad the hubs bought him self for Christmas, cause lets face it, iPads + Kids + free Apps = quiet.  Not sure how I had a cup of coffee every morning with out it.   In fact at this very moment, they are playing Palace Pets, while Im writing/drinking coffee/ listening to Black Sabbath (with headphones).  Yup happy Sunday. 

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