Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend love and Instagram Captures.

Oh weekends.  In particular Saturday.  The hubs is off, and we make it a point to soak up as much family time as possible.  This Saturday was glorious.  

I just really want to take a moment to appreciate how nice it can be to be away from home for an entire day.  I truly believe it makes coming home all the more enjoyable.  Saturday was kinda rainy and yucky but we made the best out of it taking an all day family adventure.  

Lunch dates, and listening to all the wonderful/crazy things that almost five year old's say.  Mall trips, farm visits, and lots of smiles.  Happiness. 

Not that this week was bad in any way.  It was also lovely.  Now were just focusing on the up coming summer, and making sure we have lots of fun things lined up.  

Here's some of the best moments from our week.  

Its been awfully rainy here lately, but we make the best of it.  Or try to anyway.  I really want to do more fashion posts, of outfits I love and actually wear and find functional.  But I find taking photos of my self rather challenging an awkward.  But hey I'm working on it.  Happy sleeping, and family time. P.S. I am seriously obsessed with the new beautiful mess app, if you couldn't tell.  :) I hope every one else had a good weekend Happy Monday friends. 

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  1. I absolutely agree - sometimes being away from home, even for a little bit, really makes you miss it and appreciate it more when you do get home. :)

    I probably say this every time, but gosh, your girls are so beautiful!! :)

    1. Why Thank you Mia!!! Your boys are pretty handsome as well! :)


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