Friday, June 22, 2012

A week in iPhone #9

Well here we are again, that magical time were I dump my week of instargam upon you all.  My week was interesting, to say least, and can I just tell you all it has been so hot here.  Like we live in the damn tropics hot.  I personally am not a fan of the heat, I prefer, the fall or winter, you know cuddly sweaters, and tights, and boots. I'm already dreaming of the fall, especially when its breaking a 100.  Also I have witnessed some crazy storms today/night.  I mean I was a little nerves to even try and make my annual friday post due to the insane weather and frequent power surges we've been experiencing, yes Fall I am ready for you.  Seeing that its only June thats probably bad right? 


I wore red.  And Kylie passed out the seconded her head hit the pillow.  That girl is my heart. 

Sunday. Fathers day, a good day it was to celebrate it was quite lovely outside, you know before the obsessive heat wave.  I rambled about it here if your interested. I also made a collage of the hubs and the girls, there weren't many pics to choose from seeing as how he avoids my camera as much as possible.  

Monday.  Was long, as Mondays tend to be, at least I got to end my day with the hubs divine homemade crab cakes, seriously I don't even like crab their that GOOD. 

Tuesday. The hubs day off was spent hunting down Kylies birth certificate what an adventure that was.  I went through two outfits that day thanks to baby vomit, oh the life of a mom. Also I failed to mention that my girls both slept in and it was the most sleep I've gotten in a long, long time.  

Wednesday.  The first official day of the heat wave, and boy was it hot.  I took the girls out to hang in the princess pool and some how managed to get in the shower before the Hubs got home, which is always awesome.  We ended our evening with a trip to Target, (where else), lately the hubs had been making fun of me "Oh you better instagram that!"  So I of course did, just to spite him :).  That man he's something else i tell ya. 

Thursday. Lexi in a pretty dress her Aunt TT gave her, and Lunch at the hubs was of course amazing. 

Friday.  Tomorrow we are having a get together with friends we haven't seen in a while, so today I cleaned like a crazy lady, and in the process had some fun with the kiddos, while enjoying music. By the way I do believe my baby is going to have brown eyes like her Momma :) 

Any one else have an addiction to Instagram? I'd love to check it out.  

Happy Weekend everyone! 

<3 Tori

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  1. I love the baby's pretty dress! What a nice Aunt you must have! I also love your trip to target. They are always heavenly, aren't they?

  2. baby vomit, such a lovely accessory.
    found your blog through Amy @ a good life. =]
    target is addicting.. if there was one closer to where I live, I'd probably go everyday. How can one store be oh so addicting..?

    1. Yes the store is addicting sometimes I have to stop my self from going multiple times a week. lol! :)

  3. Haha, I can always tell how busy/interesting my week was by the number of instagram photos I've posted. Looks like you're the same way!


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