Friday, January 11, 2013

Sicko Kido.

Let me start by saying happy Friday all.  I'm especially excited for Friday seeing as how the hubs has both Saturday & Sunday off.  Score.  

This week... to sum it up... No bueno.

Monday was okay, as in I started to notice, what I thought was the beginnings of a cold, for Ky, which has basically been normal since she started school this fall.  I really feel like she has been sick ever since.  Twas no little cold, try massive repository torture.   I felt helpless and she has been home from school since Tuesday, basically missing an entire week.  Sigh.  Fever, for three and a half days, and the most awful cough I have ever heard her have.  Her pediatricians office asked me like five times if she had a flu shot {which cant they just look at her chart.} She did, and this thing is still kicking her bum.  Poor girl.  I mean just for your kid to have a a fever in general can be scary, but try three and a half days of 102.5 fever.  Complete crap.  I've got cabin fever, she's got cabin fever, and naturally Lexi does too.  I believe we have watched every movie we own.  I believe I have Cloroxed  every surface/toy/door handle in the house, I do NOT want Lexi to get it.  Plus Also, teething 13 month old, who wishes to only to be held.  That was my week.  Hopefully yours was better.  

On the bright side, she is feeling better, actually playing, and fever free {insert clapping} So today, to lift her spirits and try and ease the cabin fever, we are decorating for Valentines day.  I make a big deal of a day that's dedicated to telling those you love, just how much you do.  The hubs proposed on Valentines day.  {Yes he really did} And we met one another on Valentines day.  Ever since we make a huge deal about it.  You know fun love dove things.  Kylie is already excited.

Heres hoping for a good weekend, and getting out of my house, maybe even finding a new {good} book to enjoy on le kindle. Happy weekend all.  

{Random picture of Lexi from Christmas her face cracks me up} 



  1. Awh man, sending all the love and get well wishes I can muster! I really hope she feels better soon! My fiancé proposed on V-Day too, how cliche! Xxx

    1. Thank you!! I know it was a total cliche lol, I always tease him telling him so!

  2. Poor babies! And poor you! :(

    But that is soooo sweet that you guys met and got engaged on Valentines Day, love it! :)

    1. Thanks Mia! I hope your little one is feeling better! Thanks, he has his moments lol.


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