Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happiness #6

I have abandoned my blog for a while, and I hate to think that the only post I have been doing lately are link ups.  So I am going to combine.  We are going on Vacation soon and it has been consuming my thoughts as of late.  Which between everything else makes it hard to blog.  Traveling with one small child is a feat let alone two.  The last time we went on vacation with the kids was when Kylie was one and it was the fall.  For that trip I spent over a week throughly packing all of our needs, making extra sure Kylie had everything she needed.  Now, I will have double the work, especially since, Alexia will need twice the amount of things that Kylie will.  So much fun.  Not.  Luckily I have already picked some of the things we needed up Thank GOD but I still have so much packing to do, so In light of all this craziness I think some happiness is more than necessary. 

1.)  At Target today not only did I get this pretty dress (thanks mom) for Jons brothers graduation, but some pretty awesome shorts as well.  But the thing I got bringing me the most happiness is the Car Organizer for all the kids stuff, it was on clearance super cheap, and the cup holders are insulated, perfect thing to find right before an 8 hour drive.  

2.) This video of Alexia laughing, this girl makes my heart smile.  She thinks her feet are the funniest thing ever. Go figure. 

3.) Kylie always makes me happy, and all the corky/crazy things she says on a daily basis I'm really going to miss her when she starts school in the fall. :( 

Happy Thursday! 

<3 Tori

Mrs Stephanie T

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  1. Your children are adorable! I know everyone thinks their children are, but yours really are. Loved the giggly baby video!


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