Friday, June 29, 2012

iPhone dump #10

Hello I'm Tori and Im exhausted.  I'm not sure if its the incredibly unbearable heat waves, or the running of errands that is truly never ending, of the impending vacation on our horizon but this week has been well chaotic.... The hubs has been spending his free time (after work) this week helping his Father fix their pool, which meant I was alone pretty steady this week.  I can also proudly say I have been working out like a mad women, trying to shed those baby pounds has not been as easy as it was the first time around.  With the whole pool thing in my future as in Kylie asking every day to go, I had to buy a bathing suit, and well trying on bathing suits 6 months after having a baby... not fun.  Anyways Im rambling so here is my week via iPhone.  

Saturday.  Sleeping babies, the farmers market in which both girls were sleeping, and my obsession with Maxi skirts/dresses continues.  

Sunday.  Kylies outfit choice, always adorable. Me exhausted its a normal sate for me. 

Monday. the bigger the better for coffee, of course, and I actually wore something besides yoga pants on Monday.  

Tuesday. We officially registered Ky for school so of course I had to ditch the yoga pants. 

Wednesday.  While registering for school Kylie played around with the my little pony app and on this day I discovered just how many pictures she took of them, at least 20 lol. Me working hard too loose those baby pounds. Kylie being the trouble maker she is, man I love her. 

Thursday. I pushed myself a little too hard that morning, it was so hot that when the run/power walk was over it only seamed appropriate to lay on  the grass, this was my view.  It WAS SO HOT! Kylie eating ice cream while being nosy.

Friday.  Oh Fridays are always good.  Awesome day with my Momma. Kylies crazy hair in the morning. And its been so hot I finally caved and brought out the shorts.  

So here ends this week of instagram madness, now Im off to bed, excited to be with the hubs all day tomorrow.  Happy weekend ya'll. 

<3 Tori
life rearranged

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  1. found you through insta-friday. your little girl is adorbs and i love your maxi skirt in that first pic. :)


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