Friday, April 27, 2012

Instagram Friday (officially) week 1

This will be my first time actually Linking up for the awesome Instagram Friday.  Though I've been obsessed with Instagram for some time.  Hopefully I did the link right.

Friday we just hung around. Kylie is into Scooby-Doo

Saturday Was My Birthday Got some Flowers. Had a good Trip to the Mall.
My Hubs spoiled me:)

Sunday it Rained ALOT. Poured. Had to bring out the Rain boots.
Bath time in the morning. The rain made it a backward kinda Sunday.

Monday was busy. Gymnastics. Trying to finish Lexi's Baptism invites.
Pretty Flowers in my yard.

Tuesday was the first day of new family car hunting. I was kinda worried about the kids
Playing on this big stump in the front year. Its Huge.

Wednesday Actual new Car.

Thursday, being silly in said new car. The girl is obsessed with her my little ponies.
holding hands. new fascination with watching TV in car.

Friday was the day of Silly Faces. Shopping trip with my Momma. Kylie Happy at Costco.
Trying to get Alexia to calm down, bouncy seat works every time. I'm scared for when she is to big for the bouncy seat. Haha.

 Happy Weekend!


  1. So much awesome going on in this post haha! First off; hello, I'm here via the Week in iPhone Pics link up, and I love your blog haha!

    Your girls are so adorable! And you, my dear, are super gorgeous too! I love that lace outfit, where is it from? I also love your new car! Totally kicks the heck out of my old Grand AM, that's for certain ;)

    1. Hello, and Thank you! Im so glad you like my blog! Glad I did the link right, not so great at this yet lol. I took a peek at your blog and your family is quite lovely as well! And may I say your quite lovely yourself! I got the top for f21 it was a steal! Thanks I still can't believe its my car ha! When I walk out side Im still looking for my Impala! Your so nice Im super glad you left your comment :)

  2. Hi! I just found you from the link up. Congrats on the new car! :) Your kids are adorable and omg I love your hair.


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