Thursday, April 26, 2012

We Finally Did It.

Did you know buying a car is such a long drawn out process?  I was sorta unaware. Maybe its because we were so picky or, just because it takes FOREVER.  It started Tuesday, when my dad took us to a dealership to have a look.  We immediately found something we loved.  As prior posted we were stuck between the Ford Flex and The Ford Edge.  Quickly deciding the Edge wasn't for us, we test drove the Flex, we knew we wanted it.  My hubs he wanted to ensure we got the best deal possible, and after spending ALL night Tuesday and ALL night Wednesday, he finally felt he made the best deal, and after signing a GAZILLION papers we finally drove off the lot with our new Flex.  Pretty exciting.  

Today was my first day, enjoying the new wonder that is our car.  And it is wonderful, a little intimidating but wonderful.  Kylie has told me she love this car, (it has a TV) also she told me all her friends can fit in the back, she frequently turns her head to ask "Hey you ok back there?) Man she has a good imagination. haha.  Well its almost the weekend! Hooray!!

<3 Tori

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