Wednesday, April 25, 2012


SUV?  Thats what I said to the hubs over a year ago, when we were just thinking about having another baby.  
I mean we've owned a Impala for almost five years, and its never let us down.
Plenty of Trunk space, and its been nothing but reliable.  
Honestly I wasn't too sure about driving something bigger.  
I myself am a small Lady.  Im 4'11.  Driving Something Large seamed like a stretch. 
I was trying to avoid that whole, "People Who Get Huge SUV's and CANT Drive them." 
So I told him lets just stick with the Impala for now. He just smiled and told me Sure. 

Once we had Alexia & Kylie in the car for the first time, I knew I was wrong.
Imagine Two strollers, plus diaper bags, emergency stash of wipes and diapers, add in a groceries?
Or a Costco trip? 
Yeah Kylie is holding stuff on her lap.  
I was defiantly wrong. 
Once admitting to my husband we should thinking about an SUV, he already had an answer. 
The Ford Flex.  I was once again resistant.  I mean its HUGE! But the hubs he did his homework.
"The Flex doesnt sit high, its perfect for us." 
Me being well Me I suggested the Edge.  We sorta have been teetering back and forth, and finally after Lusting online, for months yesterday we went to check it out.  
The Edge is basically the same size as my Impala.  So we went on to the Flex. 
I very hesitantly agreed to test drive it and well I LOVED it. So Easy to drive, I hated to admit to the Hubs that he had been right.  
Hate it When that Happens.  
After lots of negotiation, we think today is the day we trade in my safe Impala for a Ford Flex.
Cant Believe it people. 

A Post to Come later! 
Maybe with a real pic, sitting in my drive way? 
One can only Hope. 
Yup Here she is
Beautiful huh?
Kinda Sad to See my Impala go, but excited too!

<3 Tori

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