Monday, April 23, 2012

Blue Mondays/ Weekend Recap

Saturday Was my Birthday, yay!  
No really its just another day after you hit 21 right?
But the Hubs being the wonderful man he is
Of Course made a big deal about it
Spoiling me 
And a Delicious Steak Dinner yum. 

However atop of all the good things, there are always bad.
Like the whooping pile of laundry I let slip by.  Whoops
Or the most annoying thing that could be in your home.
Thats Right People Ants.  
I hate them. And their EveryWhere.
Screw You Ants. 
Now we must consult a Pest Control Man.
Luckily for us My husband Knows a Guy. 

Its Monday which means Busy Busy Busy. 
So Excited.
Happy Blue Monday Every one! 
And Here are some Random Pics.
That May or May not Have already 
appeared on this Blog. Eh oh well. 

<3 Tori 

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