Friday, April 20, 2012

Lately this Week

So as of yesterday I re-discovered my musical love for The Strokes, the first two albums that is.  Kylie was dancing around the room as we listened last night.  As of this morning I learned that if playing,  Adele, Kylie is much more inclined to actually pick up her toys.  Yesterday Kylie basically wore her PJ's all day she refused to get dressed.  I had to bribe her with promises of the park.  They weren't just promises we took her.  Jon got out of work early, and we hit the park, then Sonic, where an argument between my husband and my self over weather or not you tip the carhop.  The hubs is one of those people who can never be wrong you know?  I said you do, he said you don't, so I did what anyone else would do, took it Facebook.  Thats right.  Of course My friends agreed with me. 

Any Way I lately found a new amazing product.  
Erase Paste by benefit.
My last trip to Sephora, I was told I must own.  Let me tell you how right she was.
It lets me pretend that I don't have dark circles, or any other flaw. 
Every women should own some Erase Paste 

Note this is my actual Erase Paste

Lately This week Kylie is officially potty trained, I think.
She is wearing actual underwear, and does ALL he business on the potty.
We've had one accident, but she was mortified.

Did a wee bit of shopping this week.
Our very dear friends has their lovely little boy this week.
So I had to go buy them some awesome baby stuff.
My girls got some goodness out of it As well.

On another note. Its Friday! 

Heres my week in Instagram! I know your excited. 

New Carpet for the Bathroom 


Shopping trip  

Much needed relaxing night

I love her



Milkshake thief. 

<3 Tori 

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