Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another Tuesday..

Well it was a busy day today. 
Unusual for a Tuesday. 
So I'm sitting here, blogging, drinking a glass of wine for the first time in forever.

I got a glimpse of what it could be like to have three kids today.  
First of all I was up super early
Here I am waiting for some caffeine to course its way through
my body  
After my caffeine consumption began 
My SIL dropped my lovely God Daughter MaKayla aka Kayla K.  off
I love her. 
Kylie and Kayla they sorta get along.  
By that I mean Kayla is 2 
Kylie is almost 4 
Its really something else.  

Heres Kylie, mad.  

Kayla: Her sad TT? 

And their BFF again ha

Heres My Lexi
She could of cared less

Our good friends Just had their newest addition so we spent the rest of the day
getting them some presents.

That was my day!

Goodnight every one!

<3 Tori 

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