Monday, April 30, 2012

Oh Blue Mondays

I won't complain (like I always do) about Monday today.  Im just going to embrace it.  Embrace the craziness this day will bring.  

Today I will be a mad woman trying to get out Lexi's baptism invitations.  Can I tell you I have been working on them, for a while, like three weeks.  Isn't that sad?  Sad because their still not done. Whoops.

Ugh I hate planning parties. I know its weird that as a women I don't enjoy it. If I could hire some one to do it I would. I mean its such a pain.  I'd rather just show up, and everything be done.  I also like the simple route things, that are the easiest.  I do think however for this I may actually bake my own cake.  I actually enjoy baking, so its not that far fetched.  

Kylie for some reason has taken to licking.  It is the strangest thing she had ever done.  She sticks out her tongue and leans in close, obviously, I tell her no, stop. She finds this funny, were talking full on belly laugh.  Yup Gymnastics should be fun today, she will try and lick everyone and I will be in the observation room mortified waving to the parents. ha. 

Well I better get to my Manic Monday!  Happy Blue Monday Everyone.
I Just Love These Faces.
<3 Tori

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