Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nap time? Gone?

Recently my lovely Kylie, has not been taking naps.  I guess according to my friends and momma, I have been lucky.  She was always a good sleeper.  Always took naps, in fact when she was between 10-20 months she used to take two naps a day, one in the morning one in the afternoon.  I got mommy breaks it was wonderful.  

Now she gets out of bed runs around the house, claims she has to go potty, and gives about every excuse possible to not take a nap.  When I finally get her to stay in her room, she plays, for maybe a half hour, and its dinner time, and she's running around again.  I accomplish nothing, and she is one very grumpy girl by the time its bed time, she still fights us going to sleep.  We have a night routine that we have done for years, and still she continues to fight sleep. UGH! It's very frustrating.  

My Momma seams to think the days of her napping are gone.  She says this happen with all children when they no longer will nap.  No more naps? Geez, I'm  not ready for this.  When did she get so big?  
So I guess we will make her bed time earlier, especially on those days she doesn't nap, but let me tell you I miss her peacefully sleeping and waking up refreshed and a HAPPy girl, who isn't nearly passing out at  the dinner table! 

Ky 2 years, sleeping on her Auntie
Gweny while getting ready for our

Passed out on the floor in her room. 

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