Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Your Kids Birthdays

i don't know about the rest of you, but before my daughters birthday, I feel this overwhelming pressure to make sure her party is incredible.  Im not sure where this comes from, and I hate it.  This year I feel overwhelmed because I'm simply not up for the challenge.  I'm not sure why we insist on going all out for birthdays they probably won't remember.  My point is Kylie turns four on the 28th and I wanted to for once go for the played down mellow, just close friends and family, and already the hubs has pretty much vetoed everything.  Geez, its going to be a crazy month, and were throwing a spiderman bash.  Go figure, what four year old little girl doesn't like spiderman?  So aside from packing and getting everything together for our vacation, I am now in the throws of planning Kylies four year bash.  August I will be happy to see you.  

But Im pretty sure I will pull it off, and everyone will have a good time.  Plus as the hubs reminded me, we always have an "adult party" when the kiddos are asleep, and this year I am not Preggo, which means I will be able to partake in Sangria! Whoot! 

Here are some pictures of last years bash, it was princesses themed, I hope this one makes her just as happy.  

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