Sunday, July 8, 2012

Instagram Friday #11

SO can I just tell you all, something is wrong with our internet and its been taking forever to get this post out. So sorry it's Sunday and I am just now posting. Sigh Any way. Instagram is an addicting, wonderful thing, check me out @ ladymyers10! All I can tell you about this week is I am glad its over! The hubs is on vacation  starting tomorrow Thanks God ya'll cause I will need all the help I can't get, getting everything ready for vacation! We leave Monday yay! The hubs hasn't had any substantial time off since before Alexia was born.  So excited to see his face all day for a week! 

Saturday. ALEXIA. Crazy Shorts I love! 

Sunday. I tanned its so horrible, I know bad for your skin and all that, but I did it anyway.  

Monday. My momma took Kylie to see brave and she was so excited and dressed up,
it was truly very cute! My outfit that day, Im so in love with the top. 

Tuesday. I got a break while the hubs took Ky to gymnastics and Alexia napped.
Watermelon Apple body wash is incredible. 

Wednesday. The Forth of July.  It was a good day, of fun in the sun, Flag cool whip cakes and cuddles.  

Thursday. So on Wednesday night we had an awful storm,
and lighting struck and destroyed one of the trees in our yard, we were out of power
 for a couple hours. But it was back on by the morning and I was out in the sweltering heat running errands.  And Finally starting on our packing.

Friday.  I know I have been complaining about the heat a lot on this blog but I live one the east coast and excessive heat over a 100 is not something I am used too.
 So bare with me.  I worked out regardless of the heat, running with
the double stroller I made it about 1 mile before I had to turn around,
and I thought I was gonna die.

Well That was my week and now I must go finish packing we leave tomorrow.
 So I will be absent for a bit, but you can always check in on Instagram.
Also I have a few scheduled posts! Have a good week everyone!

<3 Tori 
life rearranged

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