Monday, July 9, 2012

Whoa Lexi is 7 Months.

I really can't believe your seven months already Lexi.  Where is the time going?  Soon I will have a four year old and a one year old.  Its just crazy.  
Everyday you are changing and getting bigger.  Trying so hard to sit up so she can watch her big sister. Eating three meals a day, but really if there aren't any pears in it, your not interested, just make lots of faces.  The giggles oh the giggles I pretty much live for it.  Your wearing 6-12 months clothing, and I swear grow more every minute!  
Your eyes are the also always changing, some days they look dark like your Momma's and others they have this grey blue coloring, already so much different then your Sissy's.  
Alexia you are an absolute joy, always so happy (as long as your fed) and when you smile you smile with your whole face, lighting up the room.  I am so happy to call you my own, and watch you grow. Happy seven months baby girl.  


  1. Your baby is too cute! Newest follower from :)

    1. Why thank you super excited to have you reading :) will be checking out your blog as well


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