Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gotta Walk the Walk

Well, My baby girl, little miss Alexia Fay, is 17 months old.  Seriously where is the time going?  Kinda feels like in a blink of an eye she is going to be two.  Its Madness I tell you, Madness.  

It's so interesting how different her and Kylie are.  I cant help but feel amazed, there differences are vast, and they even look completely different, as though there not even related.  Personality wise they are polar opposites.  Where Kylie is out going and the center of attention, Alexia is shy and some what timid.  Content to be by my side, where as Kylie is a beaming ball of energy who cant help but run free, only looking back to wave to me.  Kylie loved Dora, and Alexia loves Elmo.  Its fascinating to watch them grow, and be these wonderful different little people. 

The most apparent differences and what has been the most shocking for us is Alexia's speech.  Its beautiful, I have never heard a 17 month old speak as well as she does.  Over 50 words, at least, every day she is saying something else new, and perfectly clear.  Phrases, sentences you name it.  Incredible.  I've talked before about Kylie's struggle with speech, I wrote about it here, so for Alexia to excel in this, to be talking so soon, has us all in awe. 

However, my dear sweet Alexia, will not Walk.  She scoots, EVERYWHERE.  She is the fastest scooter in the east, and well she wont even crawl, or pull her self to a standing position.  At her last check up her Pediatrician was truly concerned.  So yet again, we found our selves making the call to early intervention.  Long story short? She was delayed, qualified, and even had to have an x-ray done of her hips out of concern for hip dysplasia. 

Luckily, she didn't, and everything was normal, now all she needs is a physical therapist to help get her going.
And as of late, the last five days I would say, my girl is pulling her self up to a standing position, and even scaling furniture.  

She hasn't even started therapy yet.  Its a pretty amazing thing to see your child succeed in place of struggle.  I'm hoping that soon she will walk, and run, and be able to play with her big sister, and possibly not even need therapy for very long. 

Have a happy day all.

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