Thursday, January 17, 2013

The speech saga Part One

Back in November, the hubs and I had our first parent/teacher conference. I went in optimistic and nervous, but left with out answers and a sense of unease.This is a long story so Im going to do it in parts.

Let me start by telling you this girl ---> My bouncing ray of golden sunshine --->

has struggled with speech basically her whole life.  She didn't actually talk to me {other than the basic Mama Dada, cup} until after she was evaluated and granted a speech therapist through early intervention.  By the time she turned three, she spoke, clearly {enough for her age} and we thought we were past her little "delay"

Alas we were wrong.  Its hard for me to sit here and tell you that yes, I noticed after bringing Alexia home she was regressing in her speech, and I didn't think anything of it, in fact I thought it was for attention.  Even harder still is when others {my MIL is a retired Kindergarten teacher} would point out how they clearly couldn't understand her, I took it personally and said what 3 1/2 year old can you understand? I mean I could understand her, so could my husband, that's how it always is right?  Since when is a 3 -4 year old supposed to talk like she is 30?  I did my best to work with her, saying the word the right way, and she would repeat it the right way, I thought she was making progress. To be completely honest  I thought school would help her straighten all the little kinks out, because that's all she ever had was a small delay. 

As school started {finally we had lots of delays, mold, hurricanes..} I was really starting to notice how much of a problem it was for her, how much of a problem it was period. other children couldn't understand her, on play dates her friends ask her to repeat her self a lot. Seeing your child incredibly frustrated over something as simple as communication is gut wrenching.  Mom FAIL. 

Yup I said it, when I noticed her around other children her age, noticed the DRASTIC difference, I felt like such a failure.

So I had an idea of what her teacher might say.  Or at least I though I did.  Once again I didn't, I wasn't prepared for what she had to say.

Her teacher, in essence is baffled by Kylie.  To explain every thing properly, I would have to say, my girl associates choices she makes with what kind of attention she gets, For example: Kylie told her teacher she cant count to ten, she knows none of the colors, and she doesn't know her ABC's.  Which isnt true, but in telling her teacher this she gets extra time with her.  Kylie has always loved attention, she likes to be everyone's center focus.  So according to Kylie's teacher for her to even understand this suggests she has a high IQ, that a lot of times in school Kylie seams bored.  She is the only kid in her class who can pump her self on the swing, and solve problems, {motor skill problems.} But she is also the only kid in her class who throws temper tantrums when she cant get her way, she lashes out and cries, this is immature, her teacher feels due to her maturity level she wont be ready for Kindergarten next year. {What four year old is mature} So they want to test her IQ, and of course, they want to evaluate her speech issues.  Her teacher felt it would be best to recommend us to the child study team.  That was what would benefit her best. 

So My husband and my self agreed, filled out some paper work, and we asked to meet the speech therapist.

As we sat down with the speech therapist who said, just in observing her {she sits with the class} she noticed some SERIOUS delays.  just from observing, not even being evaluated.  She assured us that everything would be okay, lots of kids struggle with speech, we've caught her early enough that it shouldn't be a problem, she will move past it. but I couldn't help but leave feeling like maybe it wouldn't, maybe we had a very long road ahead of us.

And now, after more paper work, we have a plan to meet and discuss the best course of action.  

Next Tuesday, I get to sit and talk to professionals about what is causing my child so much frustration.  To say I'm nervous is an understatement.  To say Im eager to get my little girl what she needs, is also an understatement.   

Im hopeful to finally be getting some answers, to have a set plan so my little girl can get what she needs to excel in school. 



  1. Oh Tori, don't be nervous! You're doing a great job, and they're there to help! :) Everything will be okay, she sounds wonderful xxx

  2. Thank you so much! It means alot to hear some one say that!


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