Monday, May 27, 2013

Keeping up My Style...

I have always had a love for clothes, though my style has evolved over the years.  Pre  babies I was a big jeans, band T's and converses girl, always with my added extra flair.  But as I became a mother, I wanted more.  After having Kylie, I worked and it was important for me to always arise to the occasion, enjoying picking out outfits and feeling good about what I was wearing.  Embracing skinny jeans, and blouses, and trading in my converses for heels and flats.  I was at one with my own personal style. 

And then along came Alexia and I fell into a rut.  A rut of yoga pants and old t-shirts, flowy tops and mom jeans.  Yep, I said it the awful word "mom jeans".  Then one day I had an epiphany, I understood in order to feel batter about my self again, I would have to rediscover my confidence.  I really feel like you have to reconnect with your body after every baby and maybe even evolve your style to what you like and redefine whats flattering on your frame again.  Especially since I feel my body changed so much after each pregnancy, I needed to rediscover what works for me.  Because lets face it when your proud of what your wearing or wearing something you love you feel better.  So  I told my self that I would make an effort everyday to get dressed in something I felt good about.  That I would only buy things that I loved.  Not what was comfortable, or even dare I say just functional.  I didn't want to loose my love of clothes or fashion so, I wanted to remind my self just how amazing it can feel to put together and ensemble you love. 

All that being said, Im going to make it a point or at least a great effort to post an outfit once a week. Please understand I am in no way a professional photographer but its something I am working on, and hopefully the pictures will improve.  Also on a side note taking pictures of your self are so hard, especially when I have limited places to take them. Also can we just say awkward?

Outfit 1 Details 

Dress/ Cotton on Jean Jacket/ American Eagle circa 2009 
Detachable Peter pan collar/ The Dapper Moth Tie Co 
Baby/ I made My self :)

Outfit 2 Details
Sweater/ So old I don't even know Dress/ Forever 21 last year 
Tights/ Target Boots/ TJ Maxx

Outfit 3 Details 
Dress/ Modcloth

Like I said Im working on better pictures, but you get the idea.  
Hope Everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! 

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  1. You're so adorable! I love the green dress in the last photo, so cute. :)


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