Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Moments to Remember

{I know I've posted this before but its a favorite}

Sometimes as a mom I feel like my days are too structured.  Im too focused on what needs to be done instead of stopping ot smell the roses so to speak.  Especially this week thus far.  I mean where just coming off spring break so I have been totally fixated on getting Kylie and Alexia back in the swing of things, back to our regularly scheduled programs.  Getting the house back in order after a week of play dates and just general chaos.  A busy, busy week with lots to do. 

This morning was a morning like any other.  Rush to get everyone dressed, fed, and out the door on time.  Standing in front of the school where we always do, with all the other parents and her classmates.  I'm holding Alexia and looking on as Kylie laughs and smiles, playing tag with all of her friends.  Knowing that as soon as the teacher appears at the door they will all run inside so excited to start the day not giving any of us parents a second glance, as they happily pursue their day. 

Standing in the early mornings light holding my youngest I watch as the teacher opens the door and they all run just as expected including Kylie.  When  suddenly Kylie stops turns and looks, her blue eyes searching for mine, and I stand out of the crowd of parents waving to her, and she runs full tilt towards me.  Her arms out and a big smile on her face.  As I meet her hug with my own, she plants a big kiss on my cheek, and then on her sisters cheek.  Her little voice saying " I love you mommy so much and sissy too, I cant wait to see you when schools over Mommy."  My heart is melting as she gives me one last long hug and sprints back to the teacher, who is just like me, in awe of this heart melting moment I just experienced. 

I walk back to the car with the biggest smile on my face, my heart filled with the kind of joy only a child can make you feel, and I have to tell you it was something I will never forget.  Ever. 

Heres to Tuesday All.  Find some happiness to day, find some moments to remember. 

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  1. Awwww, you just made me tear up!!! I get this way when I go to pick up the boys from school and my 2yo yells "MOMMY!" with just pure joy in his voice and on his face. And he'll come running to hug me. Swoon. :) Great post!

    1. Thanks! Aww, that is swoon worthy! It really is the most wonderful thing ever isn't it?

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