Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello 25

Yesterday was my birthday.  Good ole' 25. 

Okay, I know Im not that old but, I'm at the half way point of my twenties.  Five years till 30.  I'm okay with that.  I have a lot to show for being 25, and can honestly say I'm happy where I'm at.  I've accomplished a lot.  25 feels good.

My family threw me a little dinner, and the hubs treated me to a shopping trip.  Yup this was a good one. But mostly I'm happy to be surrounded by loving family and friends.  Counting my blessings thus far. 

Aside from just turning 25, Ive been blogging now for over a year {cue cheers} Also happy with where my blogs at right now.  I do want to freshen it up some.  Incorporate more, and make the effort to write about other things.  Of course my kiddos will still have a huge place here, but I want to expand.  Marriage, fashion, home, books, tattoos and art and more.  So some fresh posts coming your way.  {Fingers crossed} 

                                                           Lexi is my little side kick. 
The hubs took me out to celebrate on Friday night. 

 Kylie has been such a stinker these last couple days,
refusing to let me take pictures,
but she did on Tuesday so I thought I'd throw it in there. 

I'm in LOVE with this dress.  Also please excuse my inability to not take awkward pictures.

dress// f21 Jacket// Express last year tights// VS Shoes// Urban Outfitters 

Happy Monday everyone. 

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