Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break....

Its Saturday Halleluiah.  The hubs is home and its gorgeous out side.

Two more days of spring break, and then were back on schedule.  My kids don't do well with out their schedule.  Naps are out of place, whacky bed times, and even our extracurricular activities like dance and gymnastics were closed this week too.  Its been a long, week, filled with out door fun, Easter, giggles, picnics, play dates {lots}, Mall excursions, tantrums, too many errands,  tired 4 year olds who wont nap and one super exhausted momma. 

Hence the lack there of blogging this week. But that's Ok.  Because I know when Kylie goes back to school on Monday I will miss her.  A Crazy Fun Week with my ladies.  Always Amazing.

Have and amazing weekend every one. 

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