Friday, November 9, 2012

11 Months of Alexia Fay

All I can say is my baby is only a month away from being one.  Oh My God.  She is getting so big, and before I know it she will be well on her way out of babyhood and well onto becoming a toddler.  My mind cant seam to grasp this concept.  Everyday becomes more and more obvious how much she is changing already.  She Finally has her first two teeth, and more coming.  {Thank Goodness} She is already fighting with her sister.  Squawking and yelling should Kylie walk by and not acknowledge her, or take one of her toys, little Lexi pie has discovered she has a voice and will use it.  Down to two bottles a day and eating mostly food/baby food.  Drinking from a cup, clapping, dancing, and giggling.  Trying to stand and of course still scooting around my house like a pro. Alexia Has this lopsided smile and it just melts my heart.  Everyday she is surprising and every day I have to tell my heart to be still. 

Sadly her birthday party is a month away and I am pretty unprepared.  We've just been so busy with our normal everyday happenings and with Christmas just around the corner, Thanksgiving even sooner than that, Whens a girl got time?  Eh well, needless to say I will be scrambling to  throw the best party I can for her, it always somehow seams to come together.  

Have a great weekend everyone.  


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