Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween {Postponed}

I would like to preface this post, On Monday my home state was hit by the biggest storm we have ever seen.  Leaving us underwater, devastated, destructed, heartbroken and a lot of areas powerless.  My heart goes out to the family's effected by this storm, who are going on five days with out power, in these cold days and nights, and those who have lost their homes, cars etc.  My prayers are with these families, and I hope yours are as well. 
I was one of the fortunate families, I live in area with elevation and we were lucky enough to hold onto are power and no real damage. It is a blessing, and my family and I are very thankful.  

Needless to say, my township as well as many others in my state have postponed trick or treating for the children until later dates.  Ours is Saturday, so I will be sure to post some pictures later of our trick or treating antics.  

We did however make the best of the day for my kiddos mostly the big one, she had been so nervous during the storm and was pretty bummed when I explained to her that we will be going trick or treating on Saturday.  So my husband and my self, along with other family did out best to make it a day filled with spooky fun sans our traditions. {She was missing our best friends and their little girl.}Simply put we were thankful to have power and be safe so we made the best, of the best day {in our opinion} of the year. 

We made sweets and wore our costumes all day.  We carved pumpkins, and told spooky stories, it was all around a great day. 

My little super girl and little flower, I love them.  My husband craved an awesome Rapunzel pumpkin with Kylie, she didn't like the smell or feel of pumpkin guts, as she called them.  She is so silly.  

Hope everyone had a fun safe Halloween.  Happy Friday all.  


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