Wednesday, August 22, 2012

To The Approach of Fall. (Wordless Wednesday Kinda)

Its almost here. I can feel it at night when then sun has set, the cool air, the low humidity, the cool breeze.  Fall.  Yup, It makes me feel giddy, its our most favorite season of all, everything good happens in the fall, and it is after all when the hubs and I got married.  

Looking forward to slowly cooked crockpot deliciousness, and tights, boots, and comfy sweaters. Sitting on the deck drinking coffee wrapped in my favorite hoodie. Feeling the cool breeze blow through the house. Watching Kylie hop in the leaves giggling, examining every leaf and its colors.  It will be Lexi's first fall.  And of course Halloween.  I know what your thinking, its only August, but its almost over,  and soon before you know it, the leaves will be beautiful with the oranges and yellows.  

Okay you probably think I am a freak, but literally I live for this time of year form the moment its over. My Momma is really the one whom started all the fall madness, when we were kids she would go all out for fall, and halloween, some of my best childhood memories are of the fall, and some of the best things worth remembering when I was older happened in the fall.  Not that the summer isn't great, but I'm not really a fan of the heat.  Something magical about this time of year.  

So now that I have probably embarrassed my self with ramblings of my love for fall, I will leave you with various pictures of years past.  I know your excited. 

By the way in above picture I am 8 months pregnant with my Lexi Pie. 
Happy Wednesday Everyone! 

<3 Tori 


  1. yeay! halloween is my favorite time of year

  2. I absolutely love fall, too! It's the best time of year. :) Thanks for sharing and cute pictures!!

  3. i LOVE fall too-- def. my favorite season. really too bad we don't experience more of a "fall" season in hawaii though :(

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  4. Thank you! I will! :) Glad to have you reading!


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