Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Instagram style #16

Another week is over, which means of course I will subject you to another week of iPhone pics. Trying it a different way this time.  I kinda like it, a montage, a chaos of pictures hehe. This week sadly was pretty uneventful.  

Kylie on friday night dubbed me princess mommy than told me to make her dinner.  Coffee and I am pretty into wearing night gowns these days, I just recently got the one with zig-zags on it, I dig it.  Kylie passed out in the car Saturday after repeatedly telling us she was NOT tired.  Oh kids.  Alexia is such a good sleeper, I feel so blessed. Went to the butterfly park on Sunday with my brother and his family, it went over pretty well.  I love this pic of my Lexi girl in the morning, always such a joy. New neon blue pants, seriously the picture doesn't do them justice. Kylie wanted this silly over sized lipstick lamp from Target, which of course prompted a photo op.  Lexi loves pooh bear just like her big sister always has.  Eyes. Mine.  Happy sunshine girl.  Sisterly love.  Happy ice cream eating. I was so tired on wednesday I hid in my room for a little while.  Yesterday my WONDERFUL mom let me go out alone.  It was quite nice.  Welp that was our week how was yours?  Happy weekend everyone! 

<3 Tori 
life rearranged

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