Monday, November 12, 2012

When Mommy Brain strikes..

You know your tired when you have a case of Mommy brain. {Moms you know what I am talking about}  Welp I have experienced it pretty much all weekend.  I haven't been able to shake it.  Actually if I am Honest It been more like a Week.

Examples of said Mommy brain:

1. Forgetting to buy the one thing I went to Target to get. 

2. Misplacing my Car Keys Three separate times this weekend.

3. Not knowing what the date is. 

4. Leaving my Jacket in a public place.

5. forgetting to set back the clocks {Last week} And being late for School. 

6. This one is my favorite, Sending an ecard to myself, and than calling to ask that they change it. So embarrassing.

That is either Mommy brain or I am loosing it.  Either way, hope to shake it off soon and pull my self together.  Come on brain I know you work! Maybe I just need more Coffee? Haha.

Happy Blue Monday all.  


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