Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpikins and giggles

So I'm sure that if you have read my blog before, you know I have more than a fondness for Autumn, and lately We've been really enjoying it.  Getting Pumpkins, and mums, decorating for Halloween, and making our annual traditional plans.

Taking the girls outside and exploring, looking at various sizes and shapes of leaves, giggling and smiling, enjoying the lovely fall weather as long as we can, before its freezing.  Recently I took Kylie to pick out her costume and it took her like 5 HOURS to decided, but she was thrilled when we took it home and tried it on.  I'm keeping it a secret for now, in fact no one (beside the hubs) knows what either of them are being.  Adds to the excitement a little. 

 We've talken to making everyday a fall adventure, and at the end of the day wearing fuzzy clothes and cuddling for a good book or movie.  Happy Wednesday indeed.  


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