Thursday, October 25, 2012

When it rains....

On Monday night I had the scare of a lifetime.  I hope it never happens again.

Let me Preface this by saying on Sunday Lexi had a fever.  It being a Sunday I called the pediatrician's after hours Triage center, they assured me it was just teething and to give her Ibuprofen, and if she still had a fever on Wednesday to call my doctor.  Once I gave her the Ibuprofen she was fine.  Acting as she always does, and I put her to bed with no issues.

Monday stared like any other day, and Monday is the busiest day of the week, School, gymnastics, dinner.  Usually the hubs works late, but he came home early so after the kids were fed and in bed, we had our best friends over just to visit, via no kids (they have two similar in age to ours).  everything was fine, we were chatting and just enjoying the company, when The hubs went to check on Lexi.  When he emerged from our room, he had a strange look on his face, a look I  rarely see, if ever.  I asked him what was wrong and he said That Lexi was very hot.  My husband is a glass half full kinda guy and usually if I ask him "Does she feel warm to you?"  he says no.  So him say the word "hot" instantly spread panic through my heart, so I went in felt her and hot was not the right word, she was on FIRE. 

Instantly we were all in a tizzy, the hubs held her why myself and my best Friend took turns taking her temperature and just to be sure taking each others, we wanted to be sure the thermometer was giving the right readings because each time I took her temperature she was 104.9.  What????

In all my years of being a mother thus far I have never encountered a fever this high.  We all tired to calm each other so we could do the right thing.  I called the same triage center I had on Sunday, and they were only there till midnight it was 1230.  So I called my mom she is a nurse, and I explained the sititation, she didnt hesitate, she told me to take her to the hospital.

Leaving the house was a daze, a flurry of rushed words and panicked movements.  Our friends said to just go, that they would stay with Kylie while she slept and if we weren't back by a certain time they would take her home with them.  So we left the whole ride to the hospital my husband and I outwardly praying to God that she was okay. 

We were lucky the ER was empty and they saw us right away, after relaying the information to the nurse, they began to check her out, and my heart can I just tell you would not be still.  Her temperature was still high, and before we knew it the doctor was in asking a series of questions while looking her over, than she checked her ears and Lexi screamed like I had never heard her scream before a scream of pain.  "Yup she has an ear infection, a bad one."  I instantly felt guilty how could I not know?  I asked the Doctor and she said it happens so fast to children this young, that I couldn't have known, and she was going to be fine, her fever would come down with the help of Tylenol and the antibiotics they were going to give immediately.  She was going to be fine.  I breathed a small sigh of relief.  Thank God was what we kept saying.

Only to be confronted with a new issue she hates the antibiotic.  She vomits the second you put it in her mouth. I am reminded of the old expression when it rains it pours.  Of course it cant be easy right?  So twice a day for the next ten days I have the joy of tricking her into eating it, and making sure she doesn't throw it up.  But at least she is okay right?

I Thank God that our amazing friends who are really our family were there that night, we needed them and they were there, and there constant love and support since that night, asking how she is, and if we need anything.  I am thankful to have them in our lives and in our children's lives and I am so thankful that my babies are OK. hoping everything is better from this point on, at least she is smiling again.  I also fully hope this is our last late night in the ER.  Ah wishful thinking right?


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