Sunday, October 14, 2012

A new look.

I have had a serious hair journey this past year, and by that I mean my hair gets long and then I chop it off.  I had my long locks chopped after Alexia was born, and needless to say it grew out super fast so on Friday I chopped it off, and its glorious y'all, so fast an easy.  It take no time at all to do, which is a feat because I have the thickest most wavy crazy hair ever.  Its pretty thrilling, expect now I think I need a new wardrobe for my new look, pretty sure the hubs doesn't agree.

(Please excuse awkward pregnancy pictures...)

Hair eveloution this year...

 All above pictures are during/after having Alexia..

 First cut 

 became this ughhh

See soo much better finally a happy hair place.  Okay ramble over.... Have a great Sunday everyone!


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