Friday, September 21, 2012

Instagrm Friday #20

Oh Friday, happy to see you.  Its been quite a week over here, rough couple of days, looking forward to having the hubs home tomorrow.  Kylie had a rough week at school, and they officially moved her to the am class, so some changes starting this Monday.  Eh well, what can you do?  

Another week in iPhone pictures, I know its exciting.  Are you on Instagram?  Come check me out ladymyers10.  I love making new Instagram friends.  

Kylie has a new obsession with Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, as in she hides behind furniture and plays them for way longer than I should probably let her.  Baking last weekend, some yummy fall cookies. Alexia. Alexia again in her poncho, seriously a little fashionista already.  Alexia again, some days she is just so full of smiles.  BOO BERRY! Yes.  Me after a very long Momma day.  It was freezing the other morning so we were cuddled before school.  Alexia less then amused on a shopping excursion yesterday.  

How was every one else's week?  Have a good weekend ya'll.  


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