Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Weekend for the books...

Its Sunday, and its early, early as in I am the first one awake after a very long, snotty, coughing, tylenol loving weekend.  Sitting here on this crisp fall morning, drinking a cup of joe wearing my favorite hoodie, thinking I need to put in words what we all just went through.  

I would like to stress here, that I know kiddos get sick, and though I have been pretty lucky, seeing as through her whole life thus far I can count how many time she has been sick on one hand, and mostly its just been a cold.  I knew with school starting that she would probably get sick more often, and she did of course, she came home on Thursday, sounding congested and complaint of a sore throat, upset stomach.  By Thursday evening while I was setting the table for dinner, she had a fever.  Gave her a little dinner, some tylenol and sent her to bed.  She always sleeps when she is sick, ALWAYS.  The next morning, she still had a fever, and was solidly complaining about her throat, she didn't want to eat because it was so sore. I gave her a popsicle and called her Dr.  I took her, he said its just  a cold virus.  Thank God.  We got home Kylie was napping so I was doing some laundry when Alexia started having these sneezing and coughing fits.  I tried to keep them separated but alas by Friday night, they both had fevers, and Alexia was so miserable and congested, ugh.  

I spent most of the night Friday awake and alone with my little lady, I tried everything I could think of to help her, she was tired but being congested couldn't seam to get comfortable to sleep.  I tried the infant nose pump, saline drops, Vicks baby rub, but nope, sleep never came to my aid.  Not once.  By 10 am, I had to wake the hubs up.  (he has been working so much I tried to let the boy sleep) I was exshausted Hadn't slept in almost 24 hours.  Not even a wink guys.  Im really just whining because I know its mother hood and all, but dear Lord she was so tired, and crying. crying so much I was at my wits end.  Called the doctor, he wanted to see her, so once again in two days we were off to the Dr.  Just a cold virus, wait it out.  Whatever thanks for nothing.  

Last night, after spending the day trying to get her to sleep.  I decide to put her in the tub, a tub filled with Vicks soothing vapor, It was seriously the first time she smiled like all Freaking day.  Then at nine she laid down people.  I thought I was in the clear.  I laid down too, but about 45 minutes she was screaming again.  This time the hubs took her (I kinda made him)  Figured if it was going to be another long night, I needed a least a couple hours.  He had to give me that right?  Well its 7 am, and I woke up to find the hubs sleeping peacefully as well as baby Alexia, she was sleeping peacefully in her carseat on our bedroom floor.  I can't wait to ask my the hubs how he pulled that one off.  

Im going to go now, to sanitize the house, wash the snot filled laundry.  
Sorry to ramble.  Happy Sunday

Finally a smile 



  1. Oh no, I'm so sorry, hun. Those are the WORST nights. I hope everybody feels better soon!!

  2. Thanks :) At least their sleeping right? lol


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