Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Good Morning all.  Its early and freezing.  I may have slept in a little, usually need to be up earlier than this.  I may have drank the rest of the coffee creamer, (sorry hubs,) I may have forgotten to pack the "family photos" for Kylies school project mostly because there really aren't many pictures of us together as a family, that aren't in a computer or my phone.  Which is sad.  I may have to even give her a picture of her dad and I back form when we were dating and wearing matching hats.  I need to start printing pictures. Her teachers are going to think were weirdos, but hey its either matching hats or wedding pics.  Which would be worse?  I may have forgotten about laundry all day yesterday, by forgotten I mean ignore.  I may have slept all night with the TV on (when I got up this morning a behind the scence of sleep away camp was on? Strange way to wake up)  and I most likely just went to bed last night and ignored all my evening chores, like taking off my makeup.  But hey its only Tuesday right?  

That being said, recently I did a guest post my first one ever over at Mia's awesome blog, you all should check it out, seriously.  Its about Halloween.  Click here 

The hat photo.  Yeah Sorry Ky.

Happy Tuesday Everyone. 


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