Monday, September 10, 2012

9 Months? Your kidding right?

Its been 9 months since I brought you into the world, 9 whole months.  Crazy to think that soon, in three months to be exact you will be one, heading towards the toddler years and leaving your baby stages.  I feel sad that your new born days flew by so quickly, but at the same time Im pretty excited to watch you enter that time, where you discover and learn so much every day.  

This is really my favorite time, 9-20 moths range.  Its the best in my opinion.  So much fun and smiles, pretty sure that soon you will crawl and then walk.  You sure do laugh a lot, and roll every where, make such great facial expressions, you love to eat (what Im eating more than your baby food) talking non-stop, surly to keep up with your sister who talks her self to sleep.  The most coherent things you say?  Mama, and Dada making us melt in to a puddle of mush on a daily basis.  When your sister insists its one of those days to crank up the music and dance, you wiggle around and giggle, dancing right along with her! Currently working on putting you and sissy in the same room, I will be sad when your not sleeping so close, but I know you're getting to big for the pack-and-play.  Your first fall is coming up and Im just so excited to see you explore all these new and fun stages! Happy 9 months baby girl! 

Happy Monday guys! 



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