Friday, September 14, 2012

A Week in Instagram.

Hello.  Happy Friday everyone.  Friday of course is Instagram Friday (are you sick of it yet?) I didn't take many pictures this week though, I was super busy.  Come Check me out @ ladymyers10.  Follow along :) 

This week was long and I felt like I couldn't get anything finished in time.  Rush, rush, rush.  Yesterday was my babes very first day of school ever.  Now we are in the throws of a brand new routine and its been a little hectic to say the least!  My head is spinning a little, Im going to be that busy ya'll between our already  scheduled things pair with school and gymnastics, a crazy fall indeed.  Any who heres how our week looked.  

Bath time = Cute time.  My nephew and Kylie riding her four wheeler together. Alexia was enjoying the early fall weather with us on the porch swing.  Me, excited for bedtime and to watch the season premier of my fav show over a glass of whine.  Kylies first day.  There will be more on that later. Alexia is a Kitty.  

How was your week?  Happy Friday Everyone.  


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