Friday, September 7, 2012

Our Week in Instagram #18

Oh Fridays how I love you.  This week had been super busy, Kylie had her preschool orientation, and our week has bend packed full of all kinds of other Chaotic things, this new fall schedule will take more than a little getting used too.  Hence my super slacking on the blog this week, going to try a little harder to make some actual posts.  One very soon about my little Kylie going to school.  Oy.  So with out further ado my week in Instagram, come follow along if you'd like I'm ladymyers10.  

Sisters. Pumpkin Spice Latte, I seriously want one everyday! What is it about babies and hooded towels? So adorable. Making coffee, since my children decided it would be nice to be awake at 6 AM. CANDY CORN!!!! Bath time cutie. Enjoy a peaceful morning for once, I had a rough day recently, I may or may not have hid in the bathroom for a small fraction of time. I am in love with my new denim shirt. On labor day I went to the hubs work picnic, I tried not to be awkward, the hubs said to just smile. I have a strange love of rainy days.

Happy week end everyone! 


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  1. Fun pictures! Those littles are cute! (: Have a great weekend! Found you from instafriday!


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