Friday, August 3, 2012

This week via Instagram #14

Oh Friday, you know that special day, that I dedicate an entire post to my musings from Insagram.  Hope every one had a good week, Mine would have been super good had I not hurt myself.  You see sometime yesterday, I must have turned wrong or maybe even picked Lexi up the wrong way, either way, I have a very sore torn muscle and if you have ever had one you know just how bad it can be, and its no fun ya'll.  Especially since I feel like an old lady.  All I want to do is lay in bed with a heating pad, pretty sure thats something an old lady would do, eh well what ever helps right?  Aside from some mysterious injury my week was full of friends, and celebrating Kylie's fourth birthday.  Gosh can't believe she is four, soon in less than a month she will be in school, and for the first time ever, away from us for an extended period of time.  Gah! (Nervous Mother alert)  Any who on to the Instagram madness: 

Saturday. The Day of the birthday bash.  I know I have said it before but I can't believe she is four.  Baby Ky. Birthday attire, enjoying a drink with my dear friends after the chaos was over and the little ones were in bed, by the way is anyone else obsessed with mason jars as much as I am?  

Sunday. believe it or not I no Instagraming at all, our best friends spent the night before over, so we very slowly and sleepily made it through the day.  

Monday.  Alexia fell asleep during my morning run.  Kylie and I were playing with these cool beads she got on her birthday, she likes making her own accessories.  Two mermaids in the tub. 

Tuesday.  Kylie was itching to get outside, she was planning an escape.  

Wednesday. It was kinda rainy and icky out, Outfit for running errands, and the rest of the afternoon spent with are besties at the Park.  

Thursday. I want to tell you all how in love I am with this dress, I want to wear it everyday.  Well maybe not that much, but still.  Spent some uber cute quality time with my Lexi Pie, after a very long grocery store trip. 

Friday. My view this morning while Lexi was napping and Kylie was watching a movie.  Pathetically laying on my bed with the heating pad (see old lady guys.) Lunch, coffee and devil dogs ( awesome combo right?) and the Obsession with Mason Jars continues. 

until next week Insagram, how was every one else's week? 

<3 Tori 

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  1. Great photos! Love drinking out of a mason jar. :)



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