Monday, August 6, 2012

That Which is being a SAHM..

Before I start this to those of you who have been a Stay at Home mom, for a while, (not new to this like me) You deserve a standing ovation.  Seriously, I'm not being sarcastic you ARE incredible.

Okay, that being said, I was once a working Momma, I worked strange hours, and my Mom used to watch Kylie, from the time she was three months and on.  I had never really gave not working, much of a thought, prior, to contemplating having a second baby. The hubs grew up in a house hold, where there was always one parent present.  His mom was a teacher, and his dad was a farmer.  Some one being home, he thought this was always an advantage.  Soon we came up with the plan to try for another, and if/when that happened, after he/she was born I would transition, into the roll of a stay at home mom.

I must admit that, I didn't really think it would be that hard.  I had a demanding job, and somehow managed to juggle that plus, motherhood, being a wife, and all other rolls.  Being home, not having such a strict schedule and the cumbersome burden of a boss on my back, things would be easier.  Ha.  How wrong was I?  I don't want to complain, let me stress this is not a complaint.  I feel super blessed for our family to be in a position in which my staying home is possible.  But this is more of a realization, an ode to all those doing this long before me, all my predecessors.

How hard, encompassing, draining, tiresome, overwhelming, being a SAHM can be.  I really had no clue.  I feel like I never really have a moment to sit down, and in all honestly there is no reason to seeing as how there is always something to be done, Clean a counter, do laundry ( Because lets face it ladies there is always laundry) kids to tickle, love, dress, clean, laundry,cook, server a meal, clean, phone calls, more laundry, and can you believe it, your supposed to still look lovely amongst all this chaos.  Also, make time for your husband, feed him dinner, go to bed happy, and not like your thinking about, the thousands of other things left for you in the morning, because there is always more.  Im exhausted just after writing that paragraph much less thinking about how its going to go on and on in the days to follow.  Feeling bad about my self for needing a break, you know sometimes there are super moms (or at least so you think.) and no matter how hard I try I can't seam to pull it off.  Im not sure how they do it, but I would like to know, and I hope they don't say organization.  Every one says that.

But all in all, at the end of the day, being a SAHM is truly the best job I have ever had.  The most challenging, and trying, amazing job to have.  I'm not sure I could ever go back, not while their still little.  As opposed to when Kylie was a baby, I am the first to witness everything, I get to be the one who sees, hears, all of her firsts, first hand, instead of through my phone, or my moms words, trying to imagine that moment.  The moments I missed.  Truly is a wonderful thing to witness them your self, and be the one to pass it along.  Being able to have good days, the days that you make hopefully the best memories with your kids, the days you know you will look back on and smile, and when some one asks you, "Do you remember when your girls where this age (insert age here)." I get to smile and say "Yes, every second."

Happy Monday Every one.

<3 Tori


  1. I'm a stay at home mom, but since school started it's only been PT SAHM yet, I have all the duties to fulfill still.
    I give credit to all the SAHM's too, it's not for me. I get frustrated too easily & overwhelmed. I look forward to going to school because I get my 'me' time. Somedays I feel guilty but others, I know I really need it.

    1. We all need breaks so we can be better moms. I miss having outside responsibilities if for nothing else than to talk to some one who isnt four lol. But I hear ya on being overwhelmed, Im no stranger to feeling stressed. :)


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