Friday, August 10, 2012

Another Friday

Its Friday everyone, yay! I'm looking forward to the weekend and spending the day with my family tomorrow.  As I write this Kylie is standing next to me and reeks of lip gloss, and I am regretting ever buying it.  Ha. She's a women already.  Any way its well known if you read my blog, I have an obsession with Instagram, come check me out ladymyers10.  

Saturday. I got to sleep in, which rarely happens.  Little miss cutie Alexia Fay.

Sunday.  I found this pic as I was looking through my photos, and it still makes me giggle, DADD (dads against daughters dating.) Our girls teen years should be interesting. Lexi pretty much loves corn on the cob, now if she could just get some teeth to really enjoy it.

Monday.  I was having one of those days where you just can't get enough Caffeine.   The girls and my self had a time reading, and I made purple Pancakes for din.  Kylie was amazed.  And of course My Lexi pie I took a lot of pics of her this week.

Tuesday.  Kylie got all her vaccinations for preschool, and she was so brave ya'll, I was so PROUD.  Dress.

Wednesday.  Sleeping beauty.  Went to home goods with a friend, and saw all their fall/halloween displays out, which of course made me giddy, have I mentioned I LOVe the Fall? and the Flower child.

Thursday.  Took Ky to the Park and we were the only ones there, how rare is that?  Lexi turned 8 months, I hope to be making a post about that soon, just haven't found the time.  My wonderful hubby brought me home a surprise.  (My favorite wine.) Yum.

Friday.  Had some girl time while it rained today, then decided staying in was boring,  hit the town with my Momma.  My favorite Shopping partner.

Oh Insatgram, isn't it wonderful.  How was everyone else's week?

Happy Weekend.  <3 Tori

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