Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blogging and Following

Does any one else ever get caught up on how many followers you have?  Lately I feel like I have been getting hung up on it.  I mean you look at all these other beautiful blogs, who have far more followers then you do (or I do) Ive been finding my self thinking, does it really matter?  I started a blog for myself, as a way to document, my life, and to have a current creative outlet.  But maybe not, maybe I am getting to caught up in other aspects of the blogging world.  Is my blog hip enough?  Cute enough? What kind of blogger am I?  Is my blog good enough?  Are people even reading it?  If they aren't should I just stop? Etc.  These are questions I find myself asking all the time.  Truth be told, I would like others to read my thoughts, and various things that I post on this blog, but if not, I really don't think I would stop.  I just like the idea of having someplace to call my own, where I am my own publisher.  Trying to keep my self optimistic, that since I do in fact enjoy blogging, that the follower count doesn't  matter. (Though to those who are I thank you and appreciate you) To not let those things get me down or let me feel inferior.  My brother (whom also has a passion for writing) Once told me, don't write for other people write for your self.  How true does that sound?  Keeping perspective in a pretty completive (or at least I think its competitive) blogging world.

Okay rant over.  Happy hump day every one.

<3 Tori


  1. I absolutely agree with your brother - write for yourself. I do think it's nice to have followers, but I think it's too easy to click a button, but do people ever actually come back and read it after they've followed? Some do, some don't. But like you, I'm still going to keep writing no matter what! :)

  2. Glad to hear it :) I enjoy your blog!


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