Friday, May 11, 2012

A week in Chaos/Instagram #3

This week has been long, and crazy!  Due to the hubs ridiculous work schedule this week, I've been on my own this week. Seriously were talking 16/17 hour days, sigh, we miss him. Anyways aside from the hubs constant working, my almost 4 year old, whom was grasping the whole potty concept is suddenly not. By that  I mean she has popped in her underwear basically every day. Awesome. 

Sunday. Saw some old family friends. and tried something new with my hair. I didn't take that many pictures, none of our old family friends. 

Monday. The usual after gymnastic treat. This little man came by on Monday, we love our Lou-Shoo.

Tuesday. It was Play-Dough mania here.

Wednesday. My Momma and I hit the Mall in Search of the perfect dress for Lexi's baptism and we found it! Lexi's bath time has moved from the kitchen sink to the mini tub.

Thursday. Ran Errands. All Day. Obsessed with my new shoes. Kylie had a time playing outside. Talking to trees. Took a Walk I had my stroller, she had hers. dinner at the drive in.

Friday. Lexi fell asleep on her play mat, Kylie was obsessed with her new balloon. My Momma gave me flowers for Mothers day, I finally got on a pre-pregnacy pair of jeans hooray.

 That was my weekend how was your?

<3 Tori

life rearranged


  1. Love the shoes! I would be obsessed with them too. Looks like a fun week. Hope this one coming up is great too!

  2. Your babies are adorable!!! And those sandals are fab. I'm a new follower!!



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    2. Thanks so much! Im glad you are reading so exciting!


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