Thursday, May 10, 2012


So were a bit spaced challenged here, and it finally happened, Kylie outgrow the playroom we had made for her. It once seamed so big to her, but after this past christmas and all the new baby stuff, we sorta ended up putting more than just toys back there, and now she has no play room.  Were hoping to change that, maybe better utilize the space we do have. Which isn't much. That being said, I have be rummaging Pinterest looking for ideas.  And I have decided we are going to need some new things!

I will now be rummaging, everywhere for the perfect space saving pieces to make her playroom a well playroom again. I got kind of excited the other night, and was rambling about it to the hubs who quickly suggested we make it though the baptism first, as to not over whelm my self. But I got to tell you, her not have a play area is over whelming lol!

Yup, this is her playroom, please excuse the mess.
Yes she has way too many toys.

now just imagine all of this all over your family room floor at the end of every day.  Yup, thinking up a solution quick. Of course the best solution is to move, and were working on it. Its a work in progress. You see my husband wants to live here:

this isn't even the whole house.

This is his childhood home, he grew up on an enormous farm, his family has owned for generations, in fact him and his brothers were the 13th generation to live here. Pretty awesome huh? Needless to say, this house in need of lots of TLC, before we could even think of moving in, and as of late we haven't had a chance to do anything, to this lovely home. I personally would rather just buy another house, but he loves this place, and it is his home, and aside of ownership, this is his dream house, he's never wanted to live anywhere else. SO we are sorta in house limbo. Until we make an ultimate decision, we need a bigger play area. So babe if you read this a play area is a MUST to my sanity! Plus its very annoying to clean all of that up EVERY night. Sigh. Heres hoping!

<3 Tori

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